Eric Chemi is the founder and managing director of Team & Total, the latest chapter in a career which has spanned finance, data analysis, technology, and media. Eric has built Team & Total as an insurance agency designed for the 21st century. That means modern technology, top-notch customer service, and high-quality expertise.

Because most people don’t know enough about insurance, they get caught up with silly mascots, funny commercials, and going with the “cheapest” price. Far too many people — Eric included — have had poor experiences dealing with the insurance industry. Outdated methods, poor communication, and the wrong coverage: People deserve better. T&T is an opportunity to improve on that experience.

For Eric, starting Team & Total is a natural progression of a career centered around all facets of risk: taking it, managing it, reducing it, optimizing it. Jobs that may seem different from the outside all have major overlaps and consistent themes. Wall Street trader, business news reporter, NASCAR quant strategist, head of data and research, etc…They are all about making decisions with massive amounts of risk at stake.

Eric has amassed a half-dozen insurance industry designations and certificates, including risk management, cyber risk, data analytics, and reinsurance. He is an Accredited Advisor in Insurance. All of his education, training, and years of career experience combine to provide the best approaches for handling his clients’ risk.

Eric graduated from MIT in 2005 with a degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, a minor in Economics, and multiple years experience as a researcher at the MIT Lab for Financial Engineering. He and his wife live in Ridgewood, New Jersey, with their three young kids. He’s also the host of the Bizwood Podcast, which highlights local businesses in his community.


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