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The first two decades of the 21st century have seen new emerging risks as a result of evolving technologies. They can impact you, your household and your business.

Cyber Liability Insurance
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Umbrella Insurance
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Media Liability Insurance
Environmental Insurance
Cyber Risks

It wasn’t that long ago that most communication was by telephone and written correspondence. Instead today it’s by iphone, text, email and video chat resulting in instantaneous connectivity but also ushering in an era of possible unwanted intrusions.

Like any other threat, you need to have solid preventable measures in place. But you also need the appropriate cyber liability insurance, and to make sure that your insurance provider has the right resources to handle cyber attacks. That means having a crisis response team which pursues the attackers, triages the damage, and maximizes the recovery of your funds and/or data. Cyber insurance involves so much more than getting an insurance policy. Rather, it’s about finding the right insurance company that has the capabilities to help you protect your business and your family.

Umbrella Coverage

Virtually everyone knows someone that has been sued with or without cause. Mitigating risks whenever possible is always a good idea. But, errors do occur, whether intentional or inadvertent. Whether it is personal involving a member of your family or one of your employees, the risk of litigation is always ever present.

While your auto, homeowners or business insurance may have coverage in the hundreds of thousands, lawsuits can easily run into the millions. Rember, lawsuits are not based on whether you can pay—it is based on whether you owe the specific debt amount to that particular plaintiff. It can have devastating consequences on your – or your business – financial assets. Adding a personal or business umbrella insurance policy to protect yourself in an affordable way. Let us review your needs.

Media Risks

Media liability insurance has typically involved commercial insurance providing coverage against defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement or plagiarism. In today’s gig economy there are many freelance writers providing online content and opinions that could result in a lawsuit.

There’s also an emerging personal threat where someone provides inappropriate content, like embarrassing or provocative photos or videos of themselves or others. Kids have been sued for “cyberbullying”. Again it’s important to understand what your current insurance covers – or doesn’t cover – to make sure your business and your family has protection.

Environmental Insurance

Environmental insurance policies are designed to fill the insurance coverage gaps created by pollution exclusions in business liability and property insurance policies. It can provide coverage for first-party cleanup costs, business interruption, loss of rents and extra expenses coverage. A common exposure is for losses arising from the release or escape of pollutants.

If you are aware what your current commercial general liability covers, we’ll be glad to review your policy with you to determine if your needs are being met. It’s worth taking the time!

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