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Planning for Retirement: Our Signature “Max-Tax-Guarantee” Approach

By July 10, 2020July 15th, 2020Insurance

It can seem so very complicated to plan for retirement. That’s why our retirement planning mantra is the “Max-Tax-Guarantee.”


It sounds simple, right? Well, each component requires some thought regarding your situation and understanding of the rules to arrive at the correct approach.

Social Security can become complicated quickly, especially for married couples. When, for instance, should you start your benefits? Did you know that you can suspend your benefits if need be, and later restart them? Should you take advantage of the 8% annual increase you receive for delaying them?

Minimizing your taxes means “filling up” your marginal tax brackets so that they are level during retirement. Most people have tax-deferred savings like IRAs and/or 401(k) plans, as well as after-tax savings and even tax-free savings in a Roth. Having a withdrawal strategy is also critical to avoid overpaying for income taxes and Medicare Part B and D premiums, which are based on income.

Guaranteed income means having income that you can count on regardless of what’s happening in the economy with stocks, bonds and interest rates. We achieve that by using the appropriate kinds of annuities–not the complex types you might be thinking of. This becomes especially important in older age to make sure you can enjoy retirement without worry.

The Team & Total approach is to first take the time to learn about your unique situation and goals, then to demystify the rules, all to help you arrive at the right solution for your needs. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach or leave you to the mercy of “robo”-generated data. Instead, we use our knowledge and retirement planning software to create and implement your plan–a plan that can help you and your loved ones truly rest easy at night.